How to get better in csgo

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Many of you might consider this type of articles simply a clickbait but these are real tips, I kid you not. I contacted big group of CS GO, coaches, semi-pros and some ex semi-pro players which have a big experience in what they do or used to do and we came up with some daily routines which need to be done in order to stay in shape or progress. Esport is the same as any other sport when it comes to achieving something it’s all about hard work. If you think you can get away with casual playing and progress then you are extremely wrong. To make it easier to understand we have split the article into few points which are crucial for quick progress.


Practice and warm up every day

There is a humongous amount of players which is saying that they want to get better or progress but they do not even warm up before the first game of the day. Practice is really important in FPS games just because your aim and movement is something that should not be considered as a reason to fail and die in your favorite game. Later on, at a really high level, you will realize that everyone is a great aimer and got good movement. Kills and rounds won are based on that how you played out the round or did out-smart your enemies, the aim is just something that needs to be there without a question. It’s like trying to play hockey without basic knowledge about ice skating. Now imagine how long it would take to learn ice skating by playing hockey games and how badly you would perform. It’s the same when someone is trying to learn how to aim and move on competitive games, it will take you much longer and it will cost you lots of failed games.

Kz maps are a really great way to practice movement if you got some basics so 30mins a day is a decent amount of time and if you don’t know anything about it try to research on the internet how to bunny hop or perform long jumps and start learning things one by one in the same time frame.

When it comes to aim there is a lot of different ways from the simple DM for 1hr or so every day to playing 1vs1s on special dedicated servers or leaderboards. If you are relatively new I would recommend custom maps like “aim botz” or some reflex maps so you get your muscle memory and after that play some DMs. Keep in mind that playing too much of this kind of practice a day might be not good for you so we are recommending a max of 1-2hrs a day.


Never smurf, always play with the best

Many people which work as boosters in any FPS game will tell you that playing on lower skill level will decrease your own skills over a time. This is a natural human’s adaptation to the surroundings. Less difficult it gets, more relaxed you become and you give yourself more time to shot or play less tactical just because you can win all aim challenges. Really high ranked players which will spend months on low ranks will become more sloppy and will lose a big chunk of their reflex.
On the other hand, if you play with players which are slightly better than you and you are often losing to them will help you progress. Your reflexes will adjust to the enemy skills and you will play on full focus. This will help you progress since you will be able to see how other good players are approaching the same situations and learn from them. The reflex bar will be always set high thanks to that you will be constantly reminded that you need to work on your own skills.


Faceit and ESEA

A good way of getting better is playing with better players. At some point in your development, you will need to decide to go on next level. Competitive games will not teach you a lot, so more dedicated and skilled players will be found on Faceit or ESEA. Playing on higher levels of faceit or ESEA will require from you more skills and will put you an on higher level. Will give you a great opportunity to learn from them and adapt to the situation. You can always ask your friends from higher levels to play with you or use our Faceit Boosting where you can choose a duoq option. Duoq boosting give you an opportunity to play and learn from better players in a live game. You can ask questions and watch them live, how they adapt to the certain situations. Behaviour is what you want to learn, the basic skills as aim and reflex you need to practice on your own on workshop maps, but the “gamesens” that comes with experience. Playing with better players and learning from them is the oldest and the best way to progress.


Play on 120% shorter time but max focus

We all know that gaming is fun and that is why people love to spend hours and hours in the game without any breaks. Sadly this might be really misleading for many people, there is only handful of individuals which are able to progress from study marathons. More you play, more you get tired and less focused you are. Playing many hours in a row or doing anything for many hours in row encourages cutting corners which will turn into the habits. Simply saying you will get many bad habits, for instance, things like:

  • not following enemy’s economy
  • not checking some corners
  • not using grenades
  • not paying attention to the radar
  • misjudging situations

and many many other things which might sneak into your gameplay when you will try to play serious and with full focus. It’s proven that playing less but with full focus and absolute dedication will be more beneficial for your progress than countless hours of casual gaming.


Learn from your mistakes and others

In a middle of the game, there is no time for an in-depth analysis of the choices you made but it is really important to do it after the game or even next day with a fresh mind. While you are playing the game you can spot some tactical errors here and there but analyzing the whole game with the ability to see it from the perspective of both teams will always come in handy. You can see what enemies are doing to counter your playstyle or tactics you executed and thanks to that you will be able to improve it. Bad crosshair placement, missed grenades or bad spray, all of these errors are really hard to spot while playing the game but on the demo, it will be the first thing you spot. We are highly recommending checking your own game at least 2 times a week and see what you can improve. Optionally its good to look at the demo of other players or even pro players which played the same position as you and compare it to your gameplay, see what they are doing differently, try to understand why they are playing like that. This will always help you out and keep your skills in check plus by watching others you will add something new to your game style.


Don’t get discouraged by others

There is a huge group of people which will question their own skill each time they fail or someone will trash talk them. This is the worst thing you can do to yourself. You need to stay confident and sure of your own skills, do not let others tell you what are you made of. Not only enemy will make you doubt yourself, often it might be a bad period of time in which you do not perform 100%. Some pro teams are suffering from that and it is common for everyone. At that time it would be better to take a break and look around, see what is a source of it. It is definitely not your skill since you had it before and if you are keeping the same routine all the time it has to be something else. Things like a lake of sleep, stress or bad diet can affect our game drastically. You might not be able to focus, get more nervous, scare easier or make bad decisions in the game only because something else troubles you which is not even related to the game. Always look for a reason for your performance drop instead of adding extra practice/training or looking for an excuse.

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