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At Imbaboost.com, we’re dedicated to empowering your journey towards CS2 success. Our top-tier CS2 Boosting services are designed to not only elevate your rankings but also transform you into an amazing player. With a decade of experience under our belt, we’ve proudly fulfilled over 30,000 orders, each backed by a trail of positive reviews. Waste no more of your precious time on trolls and toxic players. Seize the opportunity to order our worthy CS2 boosting service today. Let us reach victory together!

Why Choose Imbaboost

Legit service guarantee

VPN Protection

Our boosters use paid VPN services to imitate IP from certain location to protect our clients.
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10 years on market

Imbaboost operates since 2013. We are one of the oldest boosting companies in Europe. You can check domain registration date.

Manual work

Legit Service

All our services are done manually. We approach every order individually to provide the best results possible.

Counter-Strike 2 Premier Rating boosting

Are you an avid Counter-Strike 2 player looking to climb the ranks and show your skills to the world? Then you’ve come to the right place! Our professional CS2 Premier Rating Boost is here, to help you achieve the rank you’ve always dreamed of. In the competitive world of CS2, where every match counts, having the right teammates make the difference.

Csgo Comment

Steam Comments

All our Steam Comments are made from accounts up to 5+ years old. We do not use any new or banned accounts. It’s a great way to make your account look more legit.
Comments are done manual we do not use bots for it, so they can be individually crafted for your needs, you can also send us your comments list.
We do not provide Trade Comments as they are always used for scam and that end with bans. 

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Buy Commends Csgo
Buy Commends Csgo
Buy Commends Csgo

Buy Commends Csgo

Commendations are a popular way to boost your trust factor. You can order from us up to 500 commendations. Whole the process is done legit we login our accounts manual and join server, then we send you recommendations and logout repeating that process over and over again. Because of manual work our commendation service take a lot longer then bots so usually our clients join our server at the session time and AFK.
Pick Faceit Boost

Faceit Boost

Faceit is a league where young players can try to climb their way to the pro level. Starting from bottom level 1 up to level 10. Faceit advantage is for sure anti-cheat which stops a lot of cheaters, same as great 128 tick rate servers. As great, it sounds there are also downsides like everywhere you can get in team bad players, leavers and trolls that will deny you getting on the level you deserve. All the hard work can vanish because of the bad teammates and in that situation, imbaboost came in. You can play with us in one lobby and avoid all that toxic lobbies or if you do not have so much time we can just simply do it for you.

Faceit Accounts

Imbaboost provide Facet Accounts level 10 on sale. All our accounts are done just by us as we do not offer any kind of resell services. We guarantee 100% legality and our support is online every day from 10:00 to 18:00 CET. We use VPN and different HWID to ensure the best security of the client account. In 8 years we upgraded our system of Faceit boost to provide our clients the best and safest way possible.
Pick Faceit Boost
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