Steam Backup Codes

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Hi there!
So you would like to create some backup codes for your steam but you don’t know how to start? So Let me explain!

Backup codes can be used to login into your account. You can not use them to confirm trades . In order to create back up code list, you have to go into:

      • – The steam setting in a left top corner.

backup codes

    • – From account tab into the “manage steam guard account security

csgo backup codes

    • – Click “Get Backup Codes”

steam backup codes

    • Enter a fresh code from your phone’s authenticator

csgo backup codes

    • and you will get your brand new list of backup codes.

csgo mobile backup codes

Keep in mind that after sharing it with someone you can always delete them by repeating that prosses and create a new list which will overwrite the old one and deactivate old codes.

I hope it was explained clearly enough and helped you understand it better.

Regards imbaboost

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