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In the middle of April 2017 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was officially launching in China, and at the very same event this text appeared on the screen:

Misleading lots and lots of people cos of bad initial translation. Rumors started to spread and CS: GO community got super hyped for the game to be moved to the Source 2 engine in summer 2017, just like Dota 2 was in 2015. Information was poorly translated, and true msg was that new operation will come out summer 2017 and that CS: GO will be moved to Source 2 engine in future without any specific date.

This leaves us with nothing else than speculations. Some people are really convinced that we are going to get a new engine at the end of 2017 and some believe that Valve is holding this release for the right moment. Meaning that as long as the game is highly profitable and the player base is not falling, they will not implement it. There is no reason for them to rush it if the game is doing well for now.

What source 2 change for CS:GO?

It would be huge for really dedicated players or pro players who can sense every change in the game. Starting with absolutely different physics because the present engine uses Havok physics engine and Source 2 uses a new physics engine Rubikon. So we would have to make new line-ups for common grenade throws. Yes! All that hard work you put into memorizing new ways to smoke offsides or pop flash your enemies will be gone, and we will have to come up with a new one. The movement will change as well since it’s a part of physics, we might not feel significant changes in standard competitive gameplay, but there is a big chance that we will have to say goodbye to custom servers with surf or kz maps which were all about abusing in-game physics. I’m more than sure that some bunny hopping will stay since it is intended modification made by game developers themselves but surfing might be gone. It would be a really pleasant surprise if Valve would save surfing by adding special mode into the game, with the different physics engine since the surf community is so big.
Many of you experienced that choppy feeling in the middle of the action while playing the game? This should be fixed with the new engine as well which is good news. The game might run on much lower fps for some of us especially for players with older rigs but feel overall will be way more smooth and pleasant. At least that’s what we are promised with a new engine and how it will end up, we will know for sure only after engine release. All that left for us is just waiting and hoping that this update was not announced in “Valve Time“.

s1mple settings

2020-09-28 - Categories: Imbaboost

S1mple csgo settings MOUSE SETTINGS – ZOWIE S1 DPI – 400 Sensitivity – 3.09 eDPI – 1236 Raw Input – On Hz – 1000 Zoom Sensitivity – 1 Windows Sensitivity – 6 Mouse Acceleration – Off s1mple sensitivity sensitivity 3.09 on DPI 400 MONITOR SETTINGS – BENQ XL2540 Resolution-1280×960 Aspect Ratio – 4:3 Scaling Mode […]

The most personal thing you can have in Counter-Strike Global Offensive is your Config. Most people copy configs from pro players more than adjusted one for themselves. A lot of individuals are looking for things like cs go config pro. Why? Only because it takes a lot of work to make one for yourself, and […]

CS:GO Panorama UI

2018-09-14 - Categories: CSGO Article

Not long ago Valve released a new update which changed a lot in Counter-Strike Global Offensive. These changes in most cases did not meet fans expectations but surely did give us some fresh looks and small performance improvements. Panorama UI is something new in CS:GO and lots of people got back into the game thanks […]

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