CS:GO Panorama UI

2018-09-14 - Categories: CSGO Article

Not long ago Valve released a new update which changed a lot in Counter-Strike Global Offensive. These changes in most cases did not meet fans expectations but surely did give us some fresh looks and small performance improvements.

Panorama UI is something new in CS:GO and lots of people got back into the game thanks to that refreshment.
I have to say that my first reaction wasn’t too good, hearing that they reworked UI instead of changing the game engine or something more major but after digging a bit deeper into the changes I have to say I was really positively surprised.

Besides a great new Panel Layout and small performance upgrades, we got as well cool things like new radar which is kinda copy of simpleradar.

For these which liked to use simpleradar it is a great news cos now you got it built into the game for the rest of us its something new and it will make our lives much easier. New radar in CS:GO is now really clear and easy to read with a great color coding which will determine our elevation level. It is something that Valve should change a long time ago but I guess it’s better to have it late than never. Sadly radar upgrade was only applied to most commonly played maps so we will have to wait before we will get it on all maps.

For all these which are content creators or just like to have things working smoothly, I do have a great news as well. Now you are able to watch demos in 64 tick which is changing a lot since before we had only 32 tick. That rather small looking change is great when it comes to recording highlights or checking your last games for potential hackers in the enemy team.

One more thing which is making your game a bit more personalized is the possibility of changing fonts and background in-game menu. Yes, you heard me right! now you can have your very own animated background which is a really cool touch. I know that many of you would prefer something more gameplay related but I guess it’s better than next wave of stickers or skins.

Here is how you can do this:

How to turn off Panorama UI?

For those which do not enjoy that update and would love to go back to the old menu, there is an option. If you want to disable panorama you will need to add command:


to the launch options and you can enjoy your menu in an old style. Keep in mind that with panorama you are unable to create lobby without inviting someone so this is a nice way to work around it.
So far it’s the biggest update we received recently and gives us hope that valve is not forgetting about our favorite game.

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