CS:GO Panorama UI

Not long ago Valve released a new update which changed a lot in Counter-Strike Global Offensive. These changes in most cases did not meet fans expectations but surely did give us some fresh looks and small performance improvements. Panorama UI is something new in CS:GO and lots of people got back into the game thanks […]

Are 240Hz monitors worth the price?

The topic as “Monitor’s refresh rate usefulness” is a constant battle. Each gamer has a different view on it and experiences. Which raises a question is high Hz monitor really worth buying and does it really make that big of a difference? To understand it better we will have to break down for you some […]

Is FACEIT really better than Official CS: GO Matchmaking?

We can see this question coming up over and over again by many gamers which enjoy playing CS: GO but they are temporarily bound to the matchmaking games because they do not know any better and they are afraid of change. Often people take FACEIT as a step forward or taking the game more serious […]


In the middle of April 2017 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was officially launching in China, and at the very same event this text appeared on the screen Misleading lots and lots of people cos of bad initial translation. Rumors started to spread and CS: GO community got super hyped for the game to be moved to […]


Nowadays lots of Gamers are moving to PC from consoles, and a lot of us need to upgrade their machines since the games are getting more and more demanding. The most of us are looking for hardware which is good enough to run our favorite game or a game which sets some performance level allowing […]

Free CSGO skins

Skins are always in need we all like them and want them, but not all of us can afford everything we want. In an era of jackpots, gambling sites streamers and YouTubers there are a lot of websites offering free CSGO Skins but be aware many of theme are just scams to get our trust […]

Prime Account CS:GO

In its new patch for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), Valve made some big changes, mainly by taking a first step toward a better matchmaking experience. Valve decided to do a beta test on CS:GO PRIME ACCOUNT MATCHMAKING. As we understand it, CS:GO is running an experiment to find out whether players will have a better […]

OPERATION WILDFIRE – New De_Nuke – CS GO how to get fast rank 3

Operation Wildfire with this new operation, CS: GO Missions are back and thanks to that, there are more effective ways to achieve Private Rank 3 on your unranked account.This time, we are introduced to two campaigns which are focused on separate game modes. First: Cooperative play with a Friend and second: Casual, Arms Race and […]

CS GO Boosting – How to Identify scams – CS GO free boosting

First we should explain what a CS GO boost is: essentially you are paying to improve your performance in ranked games. There are several ways this can be done. The easiest and fastest is the SoloQ per rank system where a booster plays for you until he reaches the desired result. Second, there is DuoQ, […]

Cross betting and Sways on CS:GO Lounge – How others make money

We all are highly aware of match fixing: every single fix discovered becomes a huge scandal on CS:GO scene. Understandably, people felt cheated and it’s talked about it for days. Unfortunately, because of this, media nowadays focus more on looking for big scandals or anything that will provide an easy story that will easily sell. […]