OPERATION WILDFIRE – New De_Nuke – CS GO how to get fast rank 3

2016-03-03 - Categories: CSGO Article

Operation Wildfire

with this new operation, CS: GO Missions are back and thanks to that, there are more effective ways to achieve Private Rank 3 on your unranked account.
This time, we are introduced to two campaigns which are focused on separate game modes. First: Cooperative play with a Friend and second: Casual, Arms Race and Deathmatch modes. The Competitive mode was left out, which is really good because you do not have to risk your rank anymore while doing a mission on a map you don’t know. Last but not least is the Blitz mission system, this is a new type of event carefully planned by Valve; they are events scheduled by Valve, every day, at certain hours. Here you can try the new maps that come with this operation and be sure that you won’t have to wait in queue for hours. You can enjoy new maps and have them crowded by all kinds of players in the event time frame. For every round scored in the event, you get an extra XP boost-this is only for players with Private Rank 3 or above. Of course, you cannot use the mission to get to Rank 3 and unlock the competitive mode but it’s a great tool for getting extra XP.

With missions, you can save lots of time achieving Private Rank 3. Now the best ways to reach the Rank are still the same, that is: Deathmatch and Casual modes; but thanks to missions you can get there a bit faster. If you do not have anyone to partner on Cooperative missions with (these are great fun, even for the pickiest CS: GO players) but you have lots of experience, then you can do a mission from the Wildfire tree. Make sure that you are doing every mission on Deathmatch or Casual mode since these give the best experience per minute. CO-OP missions are fun with friends 😉 I really recommend them 🙂

Wildfire Case

As always with new operations, there are new cases and new cases come with new knife types! Plus, there are 16 best rated and great looking community-made skins waiting in Wildfire. The new knife type is called the Bowie Knife and it is incredible! Along with it, all Operation Wildfire coin holders now have a chance to receive drops from cases like: Cobblestone, Overpass, Cache, Gods and Monsters, Chop Shop and Rising Sun collections. After your first Rank up each week, you will receive a weapon drop from one of these cases, so I hope you guys are ready for getting kickass drops every week. Often the weekly drop is able to pay off the money spent on operation itself.

Wildfire Case Skins

You can see all the new skins in this picture, some of them look really good!

New De_Nuke

Finally, we got our de_Nuke back and Valve returned it in big style! The map is completely remade and filled with a mass of totally new textures and looks.

Beyond that, there are many new passages and spots where you can hide or go. I can see the reasons behind these changes and how they can balance our future experience on this map. From what I’ve gathered during the short time playing on this map, there are tons of simplifications. In the new version of the map, you can clearly see where you can go, where not to, on which part of a map you can climb up and where you will need a two person boost. Another great thing added is the possibility of opening and closing ventilation shaft lids. Instead of simply destroying them, you can now close it but use a tiny gap to see enemies at an extreme angle, giving you an almost one-way view. Unfortunately, Nuke has a lot of the errors and bugs from all maps released in this operation. On side B, flashes do not show if people are thrown through the door. Some players have found many spots where it is possible to pixel walk and a big part of the community is really concerned about planting bombs on the top of reactors. Of course, many of these issues will be gone and fixed quickly so we’ll soon have the best experience possible.

Seven New Maps

Together with Nuke you get seven extra community-made maps and are playable in Competitive, Casual and Deathmatch modes on Valve’s official matchmaking servers. Valve is giving us lots of power and adding top rated community content is having a huge impact on game progress. Since last year, there have been stickers, skins and maps entirely created by us; this type of freedom is not common when comes to big title games so I believe we should be really grateful. All of these maps have been very well prepared for Competitive mode release. Like I said before, the most loved is de_nuke, likely because of the great amount of changes and all the retexturing. New maps in Operation Wildfire are quite popular at the moment and appear to be well welcomed by the community. Our top rated choices for this operation are: Santorini, Tulip, Cruise, Coast, Empire, Mikla and Royal.

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