Counter-Strike 2 September Updates: Patch Notes and Future Expectations


Every day we are closer and closer to the final release of Counter-Strike 2, some rumors say it’s right around the corner. We will take a sneak peek of the September patch notes for CS2. During this month Counter-Strike 2 got a series of updates aimed at enhancing gameplay, fixing bugs, and improving the overall […]

CS2 Boost FPS – In-Depth Video Setting Analysis with Real FPS Values


  CS2 Boost FPS – In-Depth Video Setting Analysis with Real FPS Values   Counter-Strike 2 is the latest in the popular series after CS:GO. It’s a big deal in esports with a huge fan base. The new version has better graphics and gameplay. Like any game of this kind, the frame rate per second […]

How to Access Counter-Strike 2: A Guide for Gamers

cs2 beta

Many dedicated CS:GO players are eagerly anticipating their chance to dive into the CS2 beta of the highly anticipated sequel to Counter-Strike. On September 1st, Valve rolled out a significant update for CS2, focusing on catering to competitive players by granting them access to the closed beta and introducing an exciting new Ranking System. You […]

Cheating in CS2

cheats cs2

The problem of cheaters spoiling multiplayer games is an issue faced by many games, including Counter-Strike. But in CS 2, Valve is stepping up to tackle this problem head-on. They’re introducing a better system to catch cheaters in the act and ban them instantly. If a cheater is found, the match will be canceled and […]

Innovative Purchase System & physics engine in Counter-Strike 2

cs2 buy menu

Prepare for a revolutionary transformation in the way weapons are acquired within Counter Strike 2. A complete overhaul of the buying system is set to take the gaming experience to new heights. Not only will the layout of the in-game “shop” be revamped, but also the range of available weapons and the mechanics of returning […]

Responsive smoke – a new feature in cs2


The eagerly anticipated arrival of Counter-Strike 2 is just around the corner, poised to grace us with its presence this summer. The prospect of indulging in this forthcoming game iteration is nothing short of exhilarating. Anticipate a plethora of fresh features that are poised to be bestowed upon us within this new rendition. Rest assured, […]

Source 2 is coming to CS:GO 2

cs go 2

Source 2 is coming to CS:GO! Time is close to CS:GO 2 on the new engine. We will get the fresh air of old cs:go. The latest information released by Aquarius , who is actively following the works on cs: go, is that source two has been added to the developer’s pre-released branch. After that, […]

Tarik Celik – tarik cs go careers

tarik csgo

Tarik “Tarik” Celik, born Feb 18, 1996, is a professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player from the USA (Turkish origins), currently playing as a rifler for Evil Geniuses.If Counter-Strike was contrasted with NBA, at that point, it is sheltered to state that Tarik could be portrayed as a “Top Pick” player. His abilities and exhibitions are […]

Oleksandr s1mple Kostyliev

s1mple csgo

S1mple Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev is known to be outstanding amongst other Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players on the planet. He began to showcase his tremendous potential with the sniper rifles in Amazing Gaming and HellRaisers. Having started his career in the game in 2013 with the Ukrainian team LAN DODGERS, he was discovered in early 2014 […]

Steam Backup Codes

steam backup codes

Hi there!So you would like to create some backup codes for your steam but you don’t know how to start? So Let me explain! Backup codes can be used to login into your account. You can not use them to confirm trades . In order to create back up code list, you have to go […]