A frequently asked questions list that we get from our customers.
We answer a list of typical questions that users might ask regarding our boosting services.


General Questions

Imbaboost - who are we ?

Imbaboost is a group of mature and responsible people. We know how to boost your accounts and trust factor in the best way possible. We have been providing our services since 2013 assuring the highest quality service. Imbaboost always put our clients needs first place. In the past decade, we have gathered an outstanding reputation and a massive crowd of loyal customers. All our services are done manually as we put a lot of effort into details as they are the key to success.

Are you guys trusted ?

We have provided our services since 2013. The best way will be to use google and read some reviews on:

You can also check some forums or try to msg players that used our services in the past. For so many years, we have always put massive pressure on providing genuine service to our customers as this way, we got loyal clients, which helped us to deliver boosting services for all those years.

What are your working hours ?

We are European based that is why our working hours are mostly 12:00 CET to 18:00 CET. You can leave us msg on discord - imbaboost#8777 , for sure we will get back to you

Is it save?

As a company that has existed since 2013, we provide only legit boosting services. We do not hire players from outside, we do not sell used accounts, and all our commendations and comments are made manually from accounts that we created 4-8 years ago and that we constantly develop. Our faceit boosting service is done on vpn close to your location. This way, we put our client's safety in 1st place as satisfied customers will work with us and that our goal is to make long term relationship

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Commend Bot - Faceit Boost

Our commend bot is not a bot, as it's done manually by us. We do not use scripts; we provide real human work in all our services. This is our rule number 1 to provide legit human work that will be the same as the service you want to order. So all our commendations are done by us; we join the cs:go server and use commendations on you, then we relog and do it again. This way, valve algorithms see it's not spam. It also has a slight downside as it takes a bit longer because we are relaxing and joining back, so it takes time, but all that is good to get results needs time. We also have 4-8 years old accounts that are trusted already, so this way, we give our customers the best boost possible. Cheap commendations bot spam that you buy for a dollar usually are from new accounts that are less than one year old. What trust can they transfer as they are not trusted either?

How faceit boost works ?

Imbaboost faceit boost service is done with vpn close to your location. It means we log in on a location close to you to make it look more legit as you play with friends. We do not hire players from outside, so we can vouch for our boosters as they work with us under contract, and all of them are verified in real. Our current boosting team has been with us for over four years, so our resources are limited. We always put our boosting on a small scale. We prefer to provide legit, safe service to a few clients than some risky boosts using players we know nothing about, and trust is critical for success, especially in our services. Reputation is all we got these days when you can order a boost for 5$ from some kids that use cheats, so be aware of who you trust. No one work for free, and too good offers always have a double bottom.

How commend bot work ?


How comments boost work ?


Faceit accounts on sale are they save ?


Is there any Guarantee ?


What if i have difrent question ?

Contact us on discord, imbaboost#8777 and we will answer all your questions in minutes. You can also email us if you prefer such way of contact.​

What can i do to be more sure about you ?


What with the prices can they get lower ?


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Payment & Refunds


All not started orders are refundable. If the order was started then refund will be not possible as we provide virtual services that are not suit for refunds when they are done.

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Contact us on discord, imbaboost#8777 and we will answer all your questions in minutes. You can also email us if you prefer such way of contact.