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Imbaboost provides legit, manually made csgo commendations. We log in to our smurfs one by one. We don’t need your account.
Most of our accounts are 3-6 years old. Buying cheap bot commendations spam can damage your trust factor.
To rank up your trust factor, the steam you get commendations from has to be trusted, as its simple recommendation algorithm.
More trustworthy account will make a bigger impact on your trust factor credibility

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For over nine years, Imbaboost always has focused on hard work. We never used shortcuts to get the best results, and the same with commendations; we do it all manually, so the process is a real deal, but it also takes time as logging many accounts is time-consuming. All our services are done manually. It means that even our commendations are done by hand to ensure the highest quality of work. We log in to the accounts and join the server. After that, we use commendations on you. For best results, we use old and trusted steam accounts with at least three years old and flawless history, as that will get you the best result possible and will positively impact the trust factor.

Buy CS2 commends from us and you will get them on the same or the next day. If you need a more precise date of commendations you will have to contact us on discord. Everything we do is manual work, we are trying to make all our services as real as they should be. So commendations are done in the same way as you would get them naturally by just playing the game on valve server. You will have to join our server and then you can afk. After that, we will log in to our smurfs one by one and use our commendations on your account. You will not get them all in one minute it will take time depending on re-login time and steam conditions.

With Priority Line option you can come on any date from our sessions without talking to us, and we will do it no matter if there will be a slot or not. Worst case scenario we will make overtime for you. For normal orders it's always better to ask us if that date is still free. Every account is limited to give 3 commends per day. if you still do not know how to join talk to us on discord we will help you out

Imbaboost is a group of mature and responsible people. We know how to boost your accounts and trust factor in the best way possible. We have been providing our services since 2013 assuring the highest quality service. Imbaboost always put our clients needs first place. In the past decade, we have gathered an outstanding reputation and a massive crowd of loyal customers. All our services are done manually as we put a lot of effort into details as they are the key to success.

No - all our services are done manually. It's like getting commendations from friends we log in on our account join the server and use commendations on you. We use only a few years old accounts. You will not see new or trade-banned bots, we are boosting company since 2013 this is what we do, so just join our server and relax we will do the rest.

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