CS GO Boosting – How to Identify scams – CS GO free boosting

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First we should explain what a CS GO boost is: essentially you are paying to improve your performance in ranked games. There are several ways this can be done. The easiest and fastest is the SoloQ per rank system where a booster plays for you until he reaches the desired result. Second, there is DuoQ, which some call Lobby Boost. It’s when you and the booster play in one lobby together until you accomplish the result you paid for. DuoQ boosting is more expensive as the booster needs to carry you and would need an account to play. Also, the time when you are both going to play together needs to be scheduled in advance and can therefore be restrictive. There is also Rank Boosting; here your account is boosted until it reaches the demanded rank. Or Wins Boosting, where you play as many wins as you’ve ordered, of course if you lose during the process you will get 1 extra win so that it’s even. For example, if you order 5 wins- you can get 5 wins in row or 6 wins 1 loss. It’s always added to the number of wins you ordered in total.

CS GO boosting service – How to find legit boosting ?


If you opt to go for a CS GO boosting service you need to choose one that will avoid any future problems. The thing is there are lots of boosting websites and boosters out there. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself before deciding:

  • Are they legit- a legally operating company?
  • Are their reviews legit?
  • Are they boosting with no hacks?
  • Will my account be stolen?
  • Can I get banned for using their service?
  • What do I know about this company?
  • Do I get a guarantee with their service?

All of these are important questions. Before you make your order, carefully make a background check of the company you’re considering for cs go boost. Random people on forums or any other sources pose a huge risk, you will never know if the guy is cheating so do not randomly hire people. What you need is a guarantee that the boosters are the real deal.

How to check an Elo boosting site

  • General look of website

The first thing you should consider is the general look of the website. If the site is well designed: with contacts, important information that is easy to understand, etc. you can go forward. The next logical step is a background check of the website: is it a real company? A very good way to verify this is to check for feedback and reviews on social media.

  • Facebook page check

Look at what they post and how often they post. More importantly, check how many likes they have and whether these likes are from real people and accounts. Do the posts they make have responses or is their page a ghost town? Pages with huge amounts of likes and very few or no post comments/likes are red flags! There can be two reasons, first: the likes are fake and no one uses that service or two: there is no interaction with people in posts. Social media can tell you a lot about a boosting site!

  • Facebook reviews

On the other hand, not all reviews are genuine, some may be done by competitors hoping to lower the trust of users therefore it’s important for us as customers to verify who made those reviews. For example, when I see 25 positive reviews of a company I think ‘nice’; but if on checking I see 20 of them are made by Polish people I ask myself ‘how is this possible’. As a booster and a coach I know that Eastern Europeans don’t buying boosting services a lot, it’s generally way too expensive for them. Boosting is a luxury service so not everyone can afford it. Most boosting clients are from the US and Western Europe, of course there are always exceptions but basically if you see boosting service where many reviews are from Eastern European countries or if even a few of the reviews are from owners-that’s fishy! Social media sites like Facebook are good because you can often easily verify who the persons behind the reviews are and see if they’re real customers. It goes without saying, that the reviews of a real player are more trustworthy than reviews by friends of the owners.

  • Third party websites reviews:

You can also check reviews on other forums, most companies start on small forums before they became big so you can look these up. As with social media, double check who posted their opinion to see if that account is valid or old and how many posts were made in past. A good rule of thumb is don’t trust new accounts, only old member forums should be trusted 😉

  • Legitimacy: is this company real ? How do they recruit boosters ?

Next step is verifying legitimacy. Is the company real? Is it registered and paying taxes? If it is, then it’s more likely to be the real deal. Another very good way to check boosters companies is look at their hiring practices. How can you trust a boosting service that recruits players from outside? How can they guarantee that the guy won’t steal your account worth $2000 or start cheating on it? No one can give guarantees for people simply hired off the internet. It’s like going to a restaurant and you see a sign “We hiring Cooks, no background check needed”. Think twice before you order CS GO BOOST on such websites.

  • Last orders

Of course, it’s not objective but you can always check past orders done by the company. Take a look at their past orders, gallery, Facebook page photos or any other way that they deliver information about orders they’ve done.

  • Talk to support

Last but not least is to talk to a real person. It’s easier to trust a company if you know there is someone there, not a bot. If you’re going to spend money, this can help you know whether it’s a scam.


CS GO free boosting service


As we said before: Nothing is for free. If someone works a few hours to get your rank, someone else needs to pay for it. There may be lobby boosts where people collect full lobby and if that’s the case then I would recommend it. However, never give anyone your log in password for a free boost: you will likely get scammed. If the booster wants to help you: tell him to play with you, there is no such thing as a CS GO free boosting service

CS GO Boosting for skins


Most boosting services use PayPal as their payment method. However, it is possible to pay with skins or even market transactions. If you got money on Steam you can buy low value skins from the boosting company as a payment, or you can trade your skins for the boosting service. Of course, such payments are more expensive usually +15% because of taxes on the Steam market. If you need CS GO boosting for skins, feel free to contact us and we can help you with that. You can always test us ordering our CS GO Boost Test Win.


How to secure your account – Steam Guard


If you are afraid about others stealing your account, there is more information on the official Steam website: How do Steam Guarded accounts get stolen:

Steam Guard protects your Steam account by requiring access to your verified email account. This second layer of security depends on your email account also being secure. Below are the common methods used to steal accounts with Steam Guard enabled:

Through Email: If your verified email account is stolen or compromised, a user can enter your account freely provided they know your account name. Knowing your Steam account password would not be required as this can be reset with access to your email account. Never use the same password for both your email and Steam account.

Acquiring a Steam Guard File: Steam will never ask you to provide any Steam Guard files. If you upload or give a user your Steam Guard .SSFN file, they can gain access to your account without accessing your email account. However, they must know your Steam account password and username to use this file.

Malware: Hijackers can use malware to gain access to your computer and login to your account using your already authorized device. Since your Steam account could be open or you have your account credentials saved, the hijacker does not need to know anything about your account to gain access. Using a proper anti-virus software with real time protection and avoiding unsafe websites/files will prevent malware from entering your system.


The best way to protect yourself is to always have the Steam guard enabled. If someone is logging onto your account from a new IP address, he will have restricted access to market and trades for 7 days. So if you are ordering CS GO Boost , always take orders for less than 7 days; if it takes longer, remember to reset the Steam guard. There are two more tricks that can add safety. The first is: change your password, which will block everyone who logs onto your account from trading or doing anything with your skins-even you; this is a basic Steam protection. Secondly, set your parental control on Steam to block your market, inventory and trades so no booster- or any other person, can access your inventory.

For questions leave comments on our FACEBOOK or down below.


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