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Nowadays lots of Gamers are moving to PC from consoles, and a lot of us need to upgrade their machines since the games are getting more and more demanding. The most of us are looking for hardware which is good enough to run our favorite game or a game which sets some performance level allowing us to play more games from the same time frame. Altho many of us don’t have a chance to learn all about PC parts and decide which are good enough and which are not. That’s why we are going to break it down for you and tell you what is worth buying. Our primary target will be PC for CSGO – Counter Strike Global Offensive since we need to get ready for an engine change which is coming soon. Let’s start with the cheapest PC we can build, and then we are going to move to one which is more stable and capable of delivering decent performance.




Good news for all of you which do not sit on money is that CS: GO is not a high demanding game if you want just to run it in ok-ish FPS. The game works on the old source engine which is only using two cores from your processor meaning that AMD processors which work on lots of cores will not run well in this case. We are forced to use Intel processors which are doing fantastic in CS: GO due to fewer cores with bigger power. I know what you might think “but we have multicore rendering in video settings” Yes, we do have that option but sadly it’s not working properly, and it’s not sufficient to utilize AMD’s massive amounts of cores.

Counter Strike is known for not stable fps meaning that with lots of action in the same place we will get big fps drops. That’s why we will aim for around 200 fps leaving us enough room for intense action fps drops. Keep in mind that many players nowadays are using 144Hz monitors which require stable 144 fps or higher for smooth gaming experience. The computer itself which will be able to handle CS: GO and other not so fresh titles can cost us as cheap as $400.
PC for CSGO parts which we will need for this setup are:

  • Procesor: Intel Pentium G4560 or Intel Core i3-7100
  • graphics card: GeForce GT730 2GB
  • RAM: minimum of 8GB DDR4 2133MHz

These three components are key things you need to look at while picking your new PC for CSGO. Everything from this list or higher will quickly deal with fps drop or feeling of screen tearing in-game on 64 tick servers which are the most common one. Altho if we are looking for something which will be performing well in CS: GO and will be ready for extended announced engine change to source engine 2, we might have to invest more money. Remember that playing on higher resolutions or on 128 tick servers is way more demanding. If you are going to take this game more seriously or planning to play ESEA or Faceit we would recommend these parts or greater than it:

  • Procesor: Intel Core i5 7500 or Intel Core i5 7600k
  • Graphics Card: RX480 or GTX 1060 3GB
  • Ram: minimum of 8GB DDR4 2133MHz

This PC for CSGO might cost you around $800-900 which might be considered as a lot of money but its defiantly worth every penny. The greatest thing about this components is not only that they will perform great and allow you to play many newest titles but the fact that after few years you are gonna be able to upgrade them part by part without any complications.

After buying our dream PC, we might need to look for Monitor, Keyboard, and Mouse. We prepared for you guys short lists of items which we would recommend to you or at least companies which might provide a decent product.


CSGO Monitors


As we mentioned already in this article lots of players nowadays are using 144Hz monitors and, this choice is understandable since the larger amount of Hz comes with significant advantages in-games. The game feels much much more smooth and, frames are displayed more frequently which might result with seeing enemies a tinny bit faster. Of course, advantages like that come with a price. So you need to ask yourself a question “do I need it?” many players from lower ranks will not benefit from it since reaction time is not as small in there as on higher ranks or ESEA. We going to recommend you monitor models which we tested:

    • BenQ XL2411Z
    • AOC G2460FQ
    • Acer XF240H

Once more, this type of the monitor will not give you amazing looking colors so consider buying it only if you think you need it.


CSGO Mouse


Nowadays most companies are capable of delivering decent quality mouse with lots of DPI. We are not going to recommend you mouses from any cheap, unknown or copycat companies even if they prices and advertised quality might be promising. You need to pay high attention to the quality of optics or laser cos its one of the most important parts of your mouse. If you are interested in a wireless mouse, fear not recently the newest generation wireless mouse is great and have the same delay as wired so if you want one I can highly recommend Logitech G900, CS: GO player Stewie2k from Cloud 9 used it on DreamHack ZOWIE Open Bucharest 2016 and performed better than ever. Wired mouses are now more about getting the right shape for yourself and weight which will fix you and feel good. I strongly advise visiting a store and testing them out in there before buying. The model needs to fit you, but we can recommend you companies we are providing best quality on the market:

  • SteelSeries
  • Razer
  • Corsair
  • Logitech
  • Zowie

If you need to know more about mouses check this article: https://csgocoach.com/article/mouse-and-mousepad/

CSGO Keyboard


When it comes to keyboards I not gonna lie, that mechanical is the best option at the moment. The built in the buttons and system used behind it will greatly increase your reflex since you will not have to press it to the very end to send a signal to PC. Of course, that comes with some minuses like loud sound of the button click and the fact that these keyboards don’t like dirt and often are breaking down. That’s why I would recommend even the cheapest keyboards on the market like Hykker x Range since you might need to get new one relatively soon.

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