Is FACEIT really better than Official CS: GO Matchmaking?

2018-04-29 - Categories: CSGO Article

We can see this question coming up over and over again by many gamers which enjoy playing CS: GO but they are temporarily bound to the matchmaking games because they do not know any better and they are afraid of change. Often people take FACEIT as a step forward or taking the game more serious and it scares or discourages them. Back in a day only players which wanted to become pro players were stepping up the game and were joining leagues to get noticed or to speed up personal learning progress by playing with more skilled people.

FACEIT Evolved

With a FACEIT in a recent stage, progress and going pro is not the only matter. Don’t get me wrong it’s still a big part of it but thanks to the quickly growing community FACEIT get more room for people which want to play and enjoy the game. Nowadays FACEIT is a really good alternative for players which want to limit the number of cheaters in the games and play with more focused people which care about the outcome of the matches even if they aren’t high-end level players. It’s not all about trying to get somewhere or be noticed but to play with people which care about the game and want to have good healthy teamplay experience, because after all, we are playing games to have fun and entertainment.


Cs Go Matchmaking Overflooded with Cheaters and Trolls

We are no stranger to the problems which most of us are facing each day on official matchmaking games not only cheaters but trolls, teams full of people which do not want to communicate in English or casuals which can leave any moment just because they do not care about the game at all. With FACEIT you can filter these people and limit those problems to much lower rate. Of course, you will not eliminate this kind of behavior by joining FACEIT but for sure you will limit it and make your experience more pleasant.


True Benefit of FACEIT

With all that said, I would like to point out one more benefits which come with FACEIT. You are not playing in the ladder system which has kind of “end game achievement” which is Global Elite Rank on Matchmaking. I understand that many people can disagree and say that it is not the end of the game and you can still play but let’s face it, most people will stop playing actively after achieving max rank. Most players will queue for few games a month just to refresh the rank so it will not disappear so they can show off with it here and there but the general thirst for the game will disappear just because reaching max rank makes you feel fulfilled and takes away further goals. It is really easy to imagine that even if you did not reach Global yet. Look at that from the perspective of a player which is grinding from rank to rank for months and each in-game goal for him is next rank up. In the end, there will be no more goals and only risk of losing what you currently have, so whats the point to carry on playing?

Luckily with FACEIT, we will never get that feel, simply because you will play among the best players and if you will reach the top level it will be a sign that you might consider stepping up your game and joining some kind of team or simply get into the FPL and enjoy playing against known players from CS GO Pro scene. This is something you will never get bored off if you are really into Counter-Strike. So if you will ask me is FACEIT better than Matchmaking I will say that it is in every aspect.

This is only one of the benefits you will immediately notice after joining. Don’t get me started on higher tick servers which change gameplay entirely and all of the sudden shots which did not connect on matchmaking are connecting on FACEIT. Also, there is a much healthier atmosphere and much fewer cheaters. Of course, smurfing exists like everywhere especially here since FACEIT boost is so popular nowadays. On a bright side, you will play against a skilled opponent which can show you a thing or two on demo or in-game which is much better than spin botting kid which will waste your time and fun from the game.

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