Cross betting and Sways on CS:GO Lounge – How others make money

2016-02-11 - Categories: CSGO Article

We all are highly aware of match fixing: every single fix discovered becomes a huge scandal on CS:GO scene. Understandably, people felt cheated and it’s talked about it for days. Unfortunately, because of this, media nowadays focus more on looking for big scandals or anything that will provide an easy story that will easily sell. But there are other ways to get quick money, falsely, on CS:GO lounge betting and many people do it right in front of us. The media ignore these hard-to-expose everyday ghosts. These are people who bet among us every day and dishonestly take money from our pockets. I’m more than sure that they make more risk-free money then any match fix in CS:GO.

Most recent and common is Swaying, which some of you may recognize as spreading mass fake information about player or team. This tricks others by creating an illusion that encourages them to bet on the weaker team; as bets increase it makes the illusion even stronger and more bet on the wrong team! This ploy can be used to abuse Lounge overpay and underpay systems same as fact that they take 0% cut for themselves. This is often combined with cross betting: first betting from hundreds of fake accounts which make it look like a solid team, turning odds from something like 75% to 25%. Then right before the game, a great amount of these bets are reversed and this can twist odds of even 95% to 5%. Perfect example happened at the end of 2015 on the game EnVyUs vs LG: odds drastically changed and suddenly people who bet on LG got 17.03 for 1 and EnVyUs only 0.06 for 1.

Situations like this create great opportunities to cross bet with no risk due to the fact that you cannot split the high-value item into the multiple parts. In this case, cross betting on both teams could grant you lots of money: if EnVyUs wins you break even thanks to the overpay system and if they loss you get lots of money. The sad part about this trick is that the extra money you get from the overpay system are charged from the rest of people which bet for low amounts.

I really don’t understand why CS: GO Lounge is not looking it to it and why they allow others to abuse their system in such a simple way. There are not even rules addressing it on their site Tactics like these must be even easier for web owners and developers to spot than it is for normal, everyday users. If the problem has been highlighted by users for so long and nothing has changed, you wonder if it’s possible that system abusers are powerful and hold influence over the web owners? Or is it just caused by a lack of potential mutual benefits to the company? other than saving the company name? We can only speculate, but one thing is sure knowing this little fact and scamish bet behavior I will think twice before placing my bets on any team.

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