Are 240Hz monitors worth the price?

2018-06-23 - Categories: Gaming Gear

The topic as “Monitor’s refresh rate usefulness” is a constant battle. Each gamer has a different view on it and experiences. Which raises a question is high Hz monitor really worth buying and does it really make that big of a difference? To understand it better we will have to break down for you some basics which will make everything much clearer.

First of all, what is refresh rate of your monitor or so on called Hz?
It’s an amount of information displayed on your monitor per second. If you will hear that we are unable to see more than 30 refreshes or frames per second just ignore it. For a long time games are using monitors with a refresh rate of 144Hz and many of them can tell the difference between 144Hz and 120Hz, not even mentioning 60Hz.
Of course, it is more like a feeling of smoothness than something that you can catch with your eye but you can tell the difference.
When we will move from 144Hz to monitors which are running on 240Hz then most of us will have to guess which one is which cos it’s almost impossible to tell the difference.

Remember that your computer needs to be capable of sending that many frames per second to the monitor in order to achieve the full potential of this high refresh rate.
If you are able to maintain stable 240 fps in the game then you can really feel the difference. If you are running games on an older computer or new games which are running at low FPS no matter which rig you have (PUBG) then there is no point in upgrading your monitor. This video will present it really well if you want to see what is the difference between refresh rates in slow motion.

As you can see the difference is huge and easily noticeable in slow motion but
is it worth your money?
will it help you play better?
To be honest, 144Hz will do just fine and it will be much better choices in my opinion.

The answer is really simple, most of the games nowadays will not let you maintain 240 stable fps and even if you got best of the best rigs out there and you will be able to run all games on 240+ fps it will improve your gameplay by a tiny bit.

Plus, you will get used to really high-end standards. If you are looking for something which will help you go pro then the 240Hz monitor is not for you at least for now.
Getting used to high-end products will only create extra problems. Hardware shock at the LAN tournaments is a common thing, simply because you will play on PCs which are not performing as good as your PC at home. It’s like practicing on the new BMW when you know that you will be racing in old Fort. Taking your monitor with you, in that case, will not help.
Only top world tournaments will have rigs which can keep 240+ fps and lack of it will affect your performance quite a bit.

Overall I highly recommend high refresh rate monitors if you are playing fps games and games with high-speed action on competitive levels but do not go crazy high on numbers cos your computer might not be even able to take it. 120Hz and 144Hz monitors, in my opinion, are the best choices at the moment.

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