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With the introduction of the new patch in Counter-Strike Global Offensive, each one of us can experience the loss of our rank. The new system increased the boundaries between ranks by which, according to our hidden elo, we are classified about 3 ranks lower than the rank we see. Valve officially said the following on reddit:

We did initiate a slow shift of the Skill Group boundaries recently, due to an increase in players and a substantial upward drift over time in the skill groups distribution. While this won’t impact the quality of your matches (you are matched based on an underlying rank value and not the visible Skill Group), many players will experience a change in their Skill Group.

As a result of such big boundaries changes everyone deranks; even after 8 wins in a row and 1 loss you will derank because you are still not at your previous rank. The graphical image is not similar to your hidden elo, which is why even after a huge win streak and 1 loss you will still derank. This is why some LEM were playing with Master Guardians Elite; my old account after the new patch system was playing against Master Guardians even when I was still LEM, at least on my image graphic rank. Imagine CSGO boosting from LEM to Supreme when you really start from Master Guardian… it’s extremely hard. When you lost your rank due to inactivity, it took one game to get it back, giving you your real rank after the patch. Indeed, a lot of people were mad when they didn’t play as Globals for a month, then when they got back, after their first win they were on Legendary Eagle.

This will happen until you get to your real rank, so after every loss or tie you will derank until you reach the rank you have to be according to your hidden elo. The result of such changes is that a lot of players became mad at losing ranks they had got in past, however the truth is that the patch affected everyone; we all deranked, so all of us are just 2-3 ranks lower. Therefore, in the end higher ranks are now more elite and a lot harder to get. Also, the change of boundaries means that ranking up and also deranking will take more time from us so it’s harder. In the past we could rank up in 2-3 games, but now that’s impossible. Of course it depends on rank, but in general usually to rank up you need 4-10 wins. Now reaching Global Elite from Supreme Master First Class takes at least 15-30 wins.

CS GO Boost has changed a little because of the patch. Unquestionably the first month was hard; a lot of accounts had way lower ranks than they appeared. Some people quit the game, while others are still trying to recover their rank. For sure ranking up is harder now. You can’t look at yourself or your friends using the old ranking system. You need to know that Old Global are on Legendary Eagle / Legendary Eagle Master level now, so after that rank Supreme Masters or Globals are actually way better than the old ones. And it wasn’t even just the level change, but also the number of wins needed to rank up was increased. Therefore, its harder not only because many good players are on higher ranks, but also because you need a higher number of wins than before. This all brings us to the conclusion that ranking up is now harder and more demanding, but also you feel more rewarded.

To sum up, the new patch system isn’t so bad. Yes, our ranks have changed, but our enemy is still the same. We are still on the same level and now higher ranks are more elite, more demanding. Also, ranking up and deranking is harder; that’s good as you can feel the difference between Legendary Eagle Master and Global Elite, which I think is the point.

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