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Important Informations

Faceit Boost

Imbaboost provides faceit boost service up to 2600 elo. We make faceit boosting from level 1 up to level 10 and even more than that. We are on the market over six years now, and from 3 years we provide faceit boost for our clients. You can buy from us faceit lvl boost, Faceit Elo Boost or Faceit Wins Boost. You can also purchase faceit accounts done by us. We do not resell someone’s accounts or services as Faceit boosting requires trust. All our boosters work under contract as a full-time job. We do not hire freelancers they are not reliable; we prefer players we can meet face to face. Faceit cs go boost is what we provide. If you need any faceit boost service, we can help you with that. We boost 7 days a week, and our support is always ready to answer your questions from 10:00 to 18:00 CEST.

Faceit Boost can be done in two ways. SoloQ Boost where booster play on your account and DuoQ Boost where you play together with boosters in one lobby. DuoQ is done only on EU servers so to order one lobby boost, you need to be from Europe. SoloQ can be done for everyone no matter where you are from.

Faceit Boost prices are usually calculated for the time we spend to make the order. Higher levels require bigger lobbys to be done productively, as playing solo can take longer. It is possible to pay with skins or steam money; however, it cost 30% more than PayPal.

Faceit lvl 10

On imbaboost you can buy Faceit lvl 10 Boosting. We also sell accounts with Faceit lvl 10 and lower levels. Any custom order with higher elo then 2001 can also be done by us. We boost up to 2600 elo and sometimes, even more, depends on the client’s wish. Faceit lvl 10 can be done in just a few days and we can make 1 or 2 levels per day.

Faceit Ranks

Faceit is a private league with a defined rank system working on elo points similar to the Chess rating system. Faceit Ranks are set on levels starting from Level 1, and every level has a certain number of elo points you can get after reaching some point of elo points you go on next level and so on. Higher elo you get higher level you will be. Winning gives elo so you rank up on faceit and losing takes points. The overall rule of rank up on Faceit is to win more than you lose.

Faceit ELO

Faceit as league works on Faceit ELO System defining levels to elo points. You can check your elo on faceit page if you have a premium or supporter account or if you do not want to pay using 3rd party website like https://faceitstats.com
One win on faceit usually gives or takes +-25 Faceit ELO points. The number of points depends on the differences between the average elo of your teams. If you face a team who's elo sum is higher than your team you will get more points for the win and less for a lose.

Faceit Levels

Faceit defines ranks on levels starting from Level 1 up to Level 10. All Faceit Levels have elo points, and most of them are 150 points long. Only lvl 1 and 10 is a lot bigger.

Level 1 : 1 - 800
Level 2 : 801 - 950
Level 3 : 951 - 1100
Level 4 : 1101 - 1250
Level 5 : 1251 - 1400
Level 6 : 1401 - 1550
Level 7 : 1551 - 1700
Level 8 : 1701 - 1850
Level 9 : 1851 - 2000
Level 10 : 2001 +

When you win a game, you get points, and if you reach higher level elo points, you rank up. The ranks you can check on our Faceit ELO system

Faceit Premium

Faceit as every other league offer paid option of Faceit Premium accounts for their users with some benefits:
- Access to beta features
- Access to Premium Tournaments
- Advanced statistics
- Ad-free experience
- Profile Badges
- Gain FACEIT points through Missions only for Premium users
- Premium support overall users
- Premium user will ban maps in lobby over Supporter or Free user

Faceit Points

Faceit currency for in-game items or services are faceit points. You can get them by winning tournaments or making missions that are available for Faceit Premium users.

Faceit Cheats

Faceit Cheats are always the issue when someone is losing; however, faceit is still a lot more secure than valve competitive. Of course, you can face cheaters, but it's infrequent. We play many games a day without experiencing anyone cheating as obvious as on matchmakings. Faceit bans cheaters very effectively, that is why using Faceit Cheats makes it only a matter of time before you get banned. If you are considering to use one we do not recommend it. Faceit Ban is on hwid so the only way to play faceit after being banned will be for you to buy a new pc and that's not so easy to change. HWID BAN is a great way to kick out the cheater's Valve could learn a thing or two from faceit in that matter, because cheaters will always be cheating.