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We are looking for support for the actual boosters. We got 20+ emails per day, if we will not reply within 14 days we are sorry for wasting your time. You will not get access to client accounts, you will do other accounts for us or play in one lobby to ensure the higher win rate.

We are looking for esea players capable of carrying to A+, Faceit boosters or whole teams. Regular boosters to supply our accounts for sale, accounts we provide we are not looking for a supplier. You will not get access to client accounts all work we have will be done on our smurfs and for future sales.

Most of our team is Polish so we are looking for a similar country for better communication. Booster earn 50% of the order price or 350-425€ per month. Job is ok for east eu players where that money are enough to live. We also want to meet our players in person so we do not plan fly too far.

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Booster earn 350-425€ per month or when it's per job we pay 50% of the website price to the booster, rest is for taxes and company fee. What are your expectations for payment ?

What Days/Hours Are You Available To Work? can you work full time ?

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